About Us

What's your pet peeve?
Mine is that most women's clothing don't come with pockets. Shocking? I know! Where are we meant to put our essentials if we don't want to carry a bag all the time? How should we warm our hands when we walk down the street on a chilly day? We are simply sick of the struggle to find fashionable clothes that feature pockets. Or mistakingly buying a new item of clothing only to realise that the hassle of no pockets is just not worth it! That's where we come in. Pockets is a modern, sleek, chic brand for women. Every woman wants both a stylish and functional wardrobe and we say - that is not too much to ask for. Pockets bring you all the styles you love - diverse and versatile but with a single vital common element - pockets. Brought to you with love because every woman deserves both.

- Pockets